"A man for all seasons…a unique personality possessing the talents of businessman, film director, author and composer”

"'The Global 500, leaders for the new Century"

"Kavkas is a book of extraordinary power and beauty-an epic trilogy revealing how a myriad of peoples, languages and mountain tribes were able to hold the Russian Empire at bay for so long. Romance, adventure, blood and war throng every page. From Daghestan to Crimean Tartary, from St Petersburg to Istanbul and London, politics, valour and treachery earn their own rewards. And at the foot of the Caucasus, at the feet of the Tsar himself, lies a nation in crisis… Dr. Quandour's vivid prose cuts like a Cossack sabre across the mind's eye. In 'Kavkas' a hundred years of family history are woven into the stuff of legends. We now see that armed resistance in Chechenia and the Caucasus is nothing new; history has a savage way of repeating itself… Capped with a brilliant epilogue, this is a moving and timely story…"

Minerva Press


"From the first pages of his novels and the very first notes of his music, the writer and composer Mohydeen Quandour captures our imagination and draws us to this life; at one time drowning us deep into historical events, and then pulling us back to reality and to this world we live in. And we see our own story with his eyes and hear songs of our lives with his ears. All this means is that if he is with us we can focus our eyes on life more intently, and our ears, with him, become more in tune." (For complete article Click here)

Igor Liapin

Russian Poet

First Secretary of the Writers Union of Russia

"He is a Renaissance man, a remarkable man who is expert in many spheres. He has exceptional creativity in literature; you only have to read his ten outstanding historical novels to realise that. I read in our mass media about Quandour’s many achievements in the business world. He is an outstanding businessman and organizer; having organized, built and sold several of his own companies successfully. He is a financial consultant whose services are on demand with the leading international banks and institutions. He was chosen as one of the 500 leading personalities in the business world for the Millenium American publication of Barons “Who is Who”… and he is an outsatnding and talented composer. The structures of his compositions are unique, although he mostly follows and remains within the bounds of the classical forms. The sounds reproduced have substance and warmth without pretentious cleverness. What this produces in you are feelings of deepest respect and reverence. His music‘s character is original in its genre… his style has great potential"(For complete article Click here)

Yuri Korev

Secretary of the Union of Russian Composers

Director of the Journal “ Musical Academy”

"Mohy Quandour’s music is exceedingly topical in promoting the development of the Adigha music. "The Cello Concerto" displays, amid the abundance of profound contemporary music, a subtle comprehension of the principles of concerto symphonism. The light, buoyant, dramatic qualities invariably keep the listener in spiritual tenor conditioned by the distinction of the colouring of the music that evokes compassion, emotional and figurative perception: from epic-dramatic to lyrical and contemplative meditative feelings… The high artistic standards of Mohy Quandour’s music undoubtedly make this composer worthy of being bracketed with the leading figures of the classical music composition schools of today."(For complete article Click here)

 Vladimir Molov

Musicologist, Musical Director &  Composer

“I sat in the first row, afraid to look behind me, but I felt the soft weeping of the majority behind me… yes we all wept and we did not hide our tears. It was a silent confession, because for all the Adigha in the audience it was the music and that special nostalgia that brought tears to our eyes.”(For complete article Click here)

L.H. Balagova

“Among the rich Concertos, Quartets, Trios and Duets played here was one piece of music, which left me spellbound and hypnotized for days afterwards. This was a new suite for Cello and Orchestra, performed by the Iraqi American Cellist, Karim Wasfi.”(For complete article Click here)

Irada Ibragimova