DR.    M.  I.  Quandour



Author, producer/director, composer and businessman. Currently specializing in music and film projects in the Middle East and the Russian Federation.

Multilingual (Circassian, English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Russian, French), Well traveled.

Media Experience

Many years' experience with advertising (J.Walter Thompson, New York), Television and feature films (Hollywood).

Biographical Note

A writer, film producer and businessman with more than 40 years experience in international arenas. Quandour was born in Jordan and completed all his education (BA. MA. MIS. PHD) in the USA. He began his creative & business career in New York at J. Walter Thompson Co. (1962) in advertising and documentary film productions. He later moved to Bristol Myers in marketing and remained until end of 1969. In 1970 he published his first novel "The skyjack Affair" and moved to Hollywood in the early seventies where he worked as a screenwriter and later producer/director for television and feature films. ( Mannix, Bonanza, etc. and "The Spectre Of Edgar Allan Poe" and "Yanco" in Mexico). In 1974/75 Quandour returned to the business world as a marketing specialist and later as a consultant to several multinational companies and banks. In 1990 Quandour resumed his writing career with several historical novels (listed below) and produced many documentary series (The last Horsemen, Musical Journeys, etc.). Quandour is also known as an international expert on horses and equestrian sports and as a breeder of pure Arabians.

In recent years Quandour has been writing classical music (concerts of his works playing in Russia, Japan, Germany, Spain). He is currently commissioned to writing the musical score for the new project "Lost in Chechnya", a film he is also directing (Producer Ruth Boswell, UK).

Published Novels and Music

The Skyjack Affair ( New York 1970), Rupture (L.A 1971), The Sabres of Chechnya (London 1993), Kazbek (London 1994) Triple Conspiracy (London 1995), Kavkas (London 1996), The Balkan Story (London 1998), The Legend (London 1999)  Revolution (London 1999) Dangerous Encounters (London 2000), Lost in Chechnya (2004), Desert Sunrise (2005)

All of the above novels have been translated and published in Russia. Kavkas was published in Turkish. Skjack Affair was published in France under the title "Trois petits tours" by Presses de la Cite, Paris. Quandour is a regular contributor of short stories and scholarly articles to several publications such as the literary journal "Horizon" in Russia.

Many of Quandour's classical music scores are published, the most popular of which are: The Memoriam Violin Concerto in A minor, The Kavkas Cello Concerto in D minor, The Abkhazia Piano Concerto, The Kabarda Double Violin Concerto, Symphonia Sateney, The musical odyssey "Cry Jerusalem", Violin Concerto No.2 in D minor, Circasssian Dances (1-6), A collection of String Quartets, Trios and Duets for violin/piano & Cello/piano.

In 2005 Quandour finished Producing/Directing the feature film "Lost in Chechnya" in Russia, based on his novel of the same title

Contact Details

Fax: 00-9626-5334807

Email: quandour@sindikaproductions.com

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